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I see you’re about to push what we have to production for the world to see, but let’s cool it for a second. I know this is exactly what I designed, but after playing around with it for a bit, something just doesn’t feel right. No big deal really, this is totally normal. Expected, even. And now it’s time for me to really earn my designer paycheck.

Sure, those design comps I passed along may have been labeled “final”, but who can tell for sure if something will actually work based on mockups? I certainly can’t!

So how will we know when it’s ready? Well, to be honest, it’ll just feel right. When it feels right, thoughts quickly become actions, and everything just flows naturally. It’s that "this is it" feeling you get when you know you’ve nailed it.

Anyone can make something pretty. Some can make pretty things easily understood. But experienced product designers know that crafting a smooth experience means constant iteration, chiseling away until feels just right. Now is when we take what we have and make it great.

I’m here to adjust, remove, simplify, and polish. Most importantly, I make sure everything comes together at a holistic level. This is the real value I offer you as a designer. Without it, I’m just getting paid for pretty pictures. And in this line of work, there isn’t much use for those.

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