User Research, Product Design, Usability Testing


Mid-sized companies don't have the capacity to protect their employees from harmful malware. With Barkly, they can now protect their endpoints without constant oversight from IT.

I interviewed early customers to unearth their biggest pain points, then designed, tested, and helped build a secuirty tool that was easy to deploy, dead-simple to manage, and provided actionable information.
User Research, Product Design, Usability Testing


Inbound marketing has changed the way companies connect with people to match the way they shop online, and no one makes that connection eaiser than HubSpot.

I helped grow the adoption of HubSpot's social media tools by researching the modern marketer and designing features that enabled them to grow their business with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
Product Design


The most critical component of any product is how it guides new users towards success. For SaaS products, that means user onboarding, which is where Appcues comes in.

I helped Appcues envision how their app could make the creation and management of onboarding flows simpler and more intuitive.
Product Design, Website Design


Nothing converts better on the web than video. That's why Grapevine helps YouTube influencers connect with brands to promote the right products to the right audience.

I delivered designs for marketing analytics to help brands understand campaign performance, an activity feed for influencers to strengthen the community, and a new design for the website's home page.
Website Design, Product Design


There are a lot of companies that want to be the Uber of their industry. Dispatch provides a platform for those companies to create their own on-demand tools and services.

I delivered designs for various product concepts and worked on the websites of a number of their products.
Landing Page Design

On My Way

There's one question on everyone's mind when they're expecting company: "Where are they?". On My Way gives friends and customers the ability to answer that exact question.

I designed a landing page for the mobile application to optimize conversions for those who visited the page.

Product Design


Deciding who to spend time with should be the easiest part of meeting up with friends. Cast helps people make plans while saving them from the inefficiencies of group texting.

I helped the Cast team prioritize content creation while still allowing users to easily manage their social groups.
Product Design, Website Design

1099 Hero

The most difficult part of the job for freelancers isn't doing the work they've committed to — it's handling the business documents that come with every project.

I delivered mockups for the website and product that covered the key user flows, including new user sign-up and simple tax document sharing.

User Research, Product Design, Development


What do you feel like doing? Chill lets you know when a nearby friend feels like doing that too. Don't miss out when Andy feels like meeting up at the park, or when someone at the office feels like going out after work — just Chill.

I designed, built, and launched Chill so people can meet up without the fear of rejection that comes with reaching out to friends.

User Research, Product Design, Website Design


Moonlite is the fastest way to deliver project work while maintaining control of your commitments, availability, and income.

When freelancers commit their time to a project, they want to spend as much of that time on the work they've promised to deliver. Moonlite makes that easier by automating the repetative tasks that come with every project.