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A design consultancy elevating digital products for the world's most customer-centric companies.

If you want to provide value to your customers you need to feel their pain. Do what they do. Think like they think.

Think Like offers design services to companies who want to get inside the minds of their customers to create products so instinctive they couldn't be imagined any other way.

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How we make a difference


User Discovery

Know exactly who your customer is and what drives them to do the things they do.


Product Design

Combine a modern interface with a great user experience to create the next big thing.



The right words can make the difference between success or stagnation.

Usability testing

Usability Testing

Elicit feedback and make critical iterations before investing in development.

Project management

Project Management

A product roadmap for not just knowing what should be built, but how and when.

Style guide

Style Guides

Enforce a consistent design across your digital products and marketing content.

Touch up

UI Polish

A modern look and feel goes a long way with customers and stakeholders alike.

Design audit

Design Audit

Identify product gaps and prioritize by minimum effort for maximum impact.

How we think differently

Invoice is past due

The Era of Free Software Is Over

Building and maintaining software is expensive. Whenever a friend or family member casually suggests an idea for an app, I tell them it's a fun idea but that it would cost the same as building a house from the ground up. Once they hear that they're suddenly not so excited about it.

Design debugger

Debugging Design

I've always admired the methodical approach developers take to fixing bugs and enhancing the performance of the product they're working on. It's an endless cycle of pushing code and testing for issues that continuously delivers a better experience for their user base.

Sell a clean home

How to Sell a Vacuum

Too often startups boast about their product’s features without ever acknowledging the need for which it was created. If you want my attention and my dollars, you’re going to have to convince me that you truly understand what I’m hoping to accomplish before you prescribe your solution.

Running out of time

Time Is Your First Constraint

Constraints are a designer’s best friend. The more constraints the better, as it’s all-too-easy to feel lost amongst the seemingly infinite amount of possibilities when designing anything, but especially so for digital products.

User questions

Their Questions Are Your Answer

What do you do when you visit a website for the first time? Perhaps you write down lists of things you like and don’t like about the design. Or maybe you take time from the task at hand to think about how it makes you feel. Personally, I like to talk out loud about the things I’m doing on the screen because I enjoy the looks I get from people around me.

Seeing what's not there

Mind In the Gutter

Graphic novels are a vivid and engaging form of storytelling. They paint the scene and frame the mood without forcing your imagination out of the driver’s seat. I can’t tell if I’m watching a book or reading a movie, and I love it.

No dashboards please

The One Screen Every App Should Replace

People often ask me what kind of designer I am, and I like to say I’m the kind that puts apps on a diet. If I can find a way to get rid of every screen in your app while still making your service useful, I’ll do it. And if there’s one screen every app can do without, it’s the salesperson of user interface design: the dashboard.

Thinking about things

A Diatribe of Sorts

The web progresses at an insatiable pace. And while the technical boundaries are constantly being pushed, sometimes it happens so fast we lose sight of how the web helps people live better lives. This has got me thinking about how I design for the web.

Deliver the product your customers need

Think Like offers design services to companies who want to get inside the minds of their customers to create products so instinctive they couldn't be imagined any other way.

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